Supporting Enqueue

Enqueue is an MIT-licensed open source project with its ongoing development made possible entirely by the support of community and our customers. If you’d like to join them, please consider:

Client. Supported brokers

Here’s the list of transports supported by Enqueue Client:

Transport Package DSN
AMQP, RabbitMQ enqueue/amqp-bunny amqp: amqp+bunny:
AMQP, RabbitMQ enqueue/amqp-lib amqp: amqp+lib: amqp+rabbitmq:
AMQP, RabbitMQ enqueue/amqp-ext amqp: amqp+ext:
Doctrine DBAL enqueue/dbal mysql: pgsql: pdo_pgsql etc
Filesystem enqueue/fs file:///foo/bar
Google PubSub enqueue/gps gps:
Redis enqueue/redis redis:
Amazon SQS enqueue/sqs sqs:
STOMP, RabbitMQ enqueue/stomp stomp:
Kafka enqueue/rdkafka kafka:
Null enqueue/null null:

Here’s the list of protocols and Client features supported by them

Protocol Priority Delay Expiration Setup broker Message bus
AMQP No No Yes Yes Yes
RabbitMQ AMQP Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
STOMP No No Yes No Yes**
RabbitMQ STOMP Yes Yes Yes Yes*** Yes**
Filesystem No No No Yes No
Redis No No No Not needed No
Doctrine DBAL Yes Yes No Yes No
Amazon SQS No Yes No Yes Not impl
Kafka No No No Yes No
Google PubSub Not impl Not impl Not impl Yes Not impl
  • ** Possible if topics (exchanges) are configured on broker side manually.
  • *** Possible if RabbitMQ Management Plugin is installed.

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